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Apr 10, 2012

Google’s Panda Updates

Google panda
What is Google panda:-
Google Panda is a modify to the Google's look for algorithm that was first released in February 2011.The modify aimed to lower the rank of "low-quality sites", and return higher-quality websites near the top of the look for.CNET reported a surge in the positions of news websites and internet websites, and a drop in positions for websites containing a lot of advertising.This modify said to be affected the positions of almost 12 percent of all look for.

Google Panda Farmer Update 1.0
Panda Upgrade 1.0 was launched back in Feb 24, 2011 and it was a Big Earth quake for SEO market. It affected horribly almost 12% of the search inquiries in the US only. Later The search engines used it across the world. It is also known as “Farmer Update”in the market.Let’s move to the immediately conversation that which types of websites were affected? Panda 1.0 impacted generally scrape websites, having articles town and weblink town websites. This update horribly impacted the websites having un-original articles. We will talk about the most important factors in details.

Google Panda update 2.0:-
The second update taken placed from 11 April 2011. It was initially implemented for US queries only. According to official state from Google, it has affected nearly 2% of US queries and today it is for across the world for all English queries. It is implied for both English speaking countries and non-English speaking countries for English queries. For example if a searcher belongs to Ireland, and searched in for English language result, Google Panda update 2.0 will come in to picture.

Google Panda Update 2.1:-
Google has confirmed the Panda update 2.1 on 10 May 2011. Initially it was known as Panda Update 3.0, but thereafter Google cleared that it is just a minor update and hence it was called Panda Update 2.1. Unfortunately Google didn’t release percentage of queries affected. Official release from Google said that it was just got strengthen the algorithm to find and identify the scraper sites. Google has not revealed much more information about this update.

Panda Update 2.2:-
We will talk about the other concerns targeted in this Panda upgrade. Relevance of key terms and the articles are the main factors of this upgrade 2.2. Exclusive, clean and different articles, in incorporate we can say quality articles is the first requirements in Panda upgrade. Apart from that the relevancy aspect between key terms and articles should be high to achieve greater rankings for those key terms. If you are focusing on location-based key terms then your articles should indicate the same to achieve greater rankings in SERPs. The second one is the think of professionals, though these are not the formal terms from The search engines. A minor benefits for the areas which suits with key terms does no longer are available. Which means addition of your search term in your website will not generate any advantage.

Panda Update 2.3:-
Formal word from The search engines recommended that Panda upgrade 2.3 was a slight upgrade encouraged out personally roughly on Twenty third September 2011 (After 5 weeks of past Panda Update 2.2). This Panda upgrade has included some new alerts to identify low excellent and top excellent websites. The professional people of SEO market always track the consequences to find important changes made by The search engines in formula. According to their monitoring reviews, The Panda Update 2.3 has become little suspect.

Panda Update 2.4:-
The search engines verified Panda Upgrade 2.4 on Twelfth Aug, 2011 after 3 weeks gap from the past update. According to this update Panda formula integrated for all other non-English terminology methods. After implementing Panda update on British inquiries, The search engines determined to apply it for all terminology inquiries except China, Japoneses and Japoneses dialects. According to formal words, Panda Upgrade 2.4 has impacted 6-9% on non-English inquiries, which is less than the 12% inquiries impacted in British.

Panda Update 2.5:-
The search engines Panda Upgrade 2.5 was significant with regards to the visitors (gain or drop) perspective. Many sites missing their visitors and on the contrary many sites obtained visitors those were updated according to Panda excellent suggestions. Some of the greatest nonwinners of this update are known as as customer,, etc. On the other part, significant gainers were youtube.,, etc.

Mar 21, 2012

Blogspot URL Changed

In Native indian, The google weblog author combined out URL change these days. I tried to accessibility website Web page SEO these days which revealed instead of

Hope it was a worldwide change, The google may used Place serves to do this. As when i went back and tested in a proxy servers website, it unveiled my unique URL, though in Native indian it was .in conclusion website.

Check your site author website URL as well, if you also see the same thing developing, do not fear it was an Native indian recommended change.

Sep 28, 2011

What is webmaster tool

What is webmaster tool:-
"Webmaster Tools that can help with your keyword research and onsite optimization"

How to add site in webmaster tool:- First of all we open a link (, after that just signup thorugh your gmail account . then login. you find a button on the dashboard "Add a site"just click on this button and enter the URL of your site and continue.

webmaster give us a verification file just download in your site and upload .then click on the verify button.
After few minute u will see , your site added in the webmaster tools.

Now go on the dashboard and click on the site link.Webmaster Tools that can help with your keyword research and onsite optimization, both of which can be found under “Your site on the web” on the left hand navigation.
some parts of the "your site on the navigation":-
1)Search queries
2)link to your site
4)Internal links
5) Subscriber Stats

Search Queries:-Webmaster Tools that can help you find and target keywords is the “Search queries” report.and in this report you can also find the search results (impressions) and visitors to your site (clicks).

Keywords:-Which keyword are mostly used in your sites, webmaster tools put on the top of our keyword list.

Standout tag

Google introduced a new content tag called "standout":-
Google said If we put the tag in the HTML header of one of our articles, Google News may show the article with a ‘Featured’ label on the Google News homepage and News Search results.

The syntax for this new tag is as:
<link rel="standout"href=""/>

We can use the tag to point to own content or to point to others with standout stories.

Because the Standout tag put in the HTML header of articles, so readers can will only be seen by automated systems like Google News.
This tags work best when news publishers recognize not just their own quality content, but also the original journalistic contributions of others when your stories draw from the standout efforts of other publications.Standout tags are just one of the signal among the many signals that algorithmically determine prominence on Google News.

Google will ignore tags when used more than 7 times in one week to promote internal content. There is no limit on using the tag to promote the work of another publication.

Aug 4, 2011

SEO Tips and Tricks

I am going to share some seo tips and tricks with my all friends.
As the title says ,these are tricks for doing on page optimization of your website .
here we start

1)h1 , h2 tag in a post:-H1 tag is the tag , in which you write your keyword in the biggest size (h1) on your website . If you knows some HTML then you have must heard of h1 tag , and you can apply.

here i wrote 'SEO Tips and Tricks',is written in h1 tag , you should apply this on your site , also write your keyword again in your site content but this time in h2 tag .
Actually when Search engine visit your site ,he give your site more value for the keywords, whom you have placed in h1 tag and in h2 tag .

2) Make sure you have video and image in your some of the articles:-At least 3-4 images and 2-3 videos should be on your website . You should have them in your articles .
Actually when Search engine visit your website , he will love to find your website with images and video.

3)Add meta tags on your site and put them in this way:- Add meta tags on your website . In title write like this -> keyword 1 | keyword 2 | keyword 3

eg. if your keywords are seo tips , SEO Tips and Tricks and seo tutorials then write like this

seo tips | SEO Tips and Tricks | seo tutorials

in meta description , make it like -> seo tips and seo tutorial and seo tutorials can be found here .
and in meta keyword make it like –> seo tips, seo tutorial, seo tutorials
please take care of “space” , write it like i have written exactly

4)Put twitter and Facebook like button on your website :-Social media websites are going big day by day and therefore Google gives value to sites that are having social media buttons on them so use twitter and Facebook like buttons , it will deliver you traffic also because whenever anyone will like a post of yours, his friends will see your website .

5)Make sure you have at least 3 articles on your main keywords on your site:-You must have at least 3 articles on your website , having your keyword in title of them , even you should add your keywords at least 3-4 times in content of that article .

eg. if your keyword is “SEO" then make sure you are having articles on

SEO Tips
Seo Tricks
Seo on page tips

Jun 30, 2011

Dynamic and Static web site optimization

Dynamic and Static web site optimization:-
we have 2 types of Web Sites.
1) Dynamics web site.
2) Static web site.

What is Dynamic URL:-Dynamic website are websites in which webpage are created through on database generated. All the contents, links, images, footer etc appears from database.Mostlly all Business sites are dyanamics site. Examples of dynamic websites are shopping cart, ecommerce sites, news site, forums, real estate site, manufacturer & buyers sites etc.and a general exmaple is online banking sites where you can log in (by entering your user name and password) And then check your bank balance.

Mostely all dynamics Web sites are used some programming languages which are:-
CGI Scripts
Dynamic URL -

What is Static URL:-A static website contains Web pages with fixed content. Each page is coded in HTML and it is displays the same information to all users. Static sites are the most basic type of website and are the easiest to create. In the static Web sites no need a database and web programming. A static site can be built by simply creating a few HTML pages.

Advantage of Static Website: Static web sites have many advantage which are
1) It is simple to create
2) It is very Cheaper comparison of dynamic website.
3) It is easy to all search Engine
4) when we create a site then we can see the preview before adding on live.
5) We can change the layout easily.

Jun 22, 2011

Different types of Server errors

There are So many types of Http code errors we can find in our day to day life..

Error code Definitional
100— Continue
101— Switching Protocols
200— OK
201— Created
202— Accepted
203— Non-Authoritative Information
204— No Content
205— Reset Content
206— Partial Content
300— Multiple Choices
301— Moved Permanently
302— Found
304— Not Modified
305— Use Proxy
307— Temporary Redirect
400— Bad Request
401— Unauthorized
402— Payment Required
403— Forbidden
404— Not Found
405— Method Not Allowed
406— Not Acceptable
407— Proxy Authentication Required
408— Request Timeout
409— Conflict
410— Gone
414— Request-URI Too Long
500— Internal Server Error
502— Bad Gateway
503— Service Unavailable
504— Gateway Timeout
505— HTTP Version Not Supported

These are some conman errors, Which are found day by day in a site

The Saturdays All Fired Up

Apr 14, 2011


Seo noida
ROBOTS.TXT:- Crawlers,Robots,Spiders etc are all recognized with the same. These crawlers indexes our website or Blog in their search engine databases(or u can say in index).
Google robots :- Googlebot,
Yahoo robots :- Yahoo Slurp
MSN robots :- MSN bot.

robots.txt is nothing it is only a text file which is created at the time of creating a website.This name is case sensitive, maintain all the letters to be lower case.

In the robots .text We give the instruction to the search engine through this file robots.txt file.We place this file robots.txt in the root directory of the site. That means we place this file besides the index file of our website.

How to create a robots.txt file :-
User-agent: *
Disallow: /on-pageseo_folder/on-pageseo.html

user agent: * means that the instruction is for all the search engine (crawlers).
Disallow: instructs the crawler not to index the file /on-pageseo_folder/on-pageseo.html
If u want that my all file are not index then use this Coading
Disallow: /on-pageseo_folder